Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the current concert livestream offers?

You can find them on the home page and under the menu item "Concerts". They can also be filtered by genre and start date.

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be bought on the concert page (See previous FAQ Question). A concert usually offers multiple ticket categories, of which the more expensive ones offer you additional benefits. Each ticket, regardless of the price, will give you access to the livestream. You can also give a ticket to someone as a gift. In this case, you specify the e-mail address of the recipient. After that the payment will be made. You can find an instruction manual for the website at Visit streams.

What happens to my ticket if a concert does not take place?

The ticket price minus the transaction fee will be refunded to you. The transaction fee is 3% of the ticket price price plus 25 cents.

Can I cancel a ticket purchase from my end?

Yes, up to three days before the concert starts. After that, you can ask the musician to cancel your ticket purchase until the concert starts. Note that transaction fees apply (see previous FAQ question).

What happens if the minimum revenue is not reached before the start of a concert?

The organizer can, but does not have to, cancel the concert livestream. Purchased tickets will be refunded minus the transaction fee (see "What happens to my ticket if a concert does not take place?"). Organizers and fans are therefore encouraged to promote the event through social media contacts, etc. to ensure it takes place.

Does the organizer have to fulfill additional services associated with a ticket in any case?

No. The organizer will make every effort to fulfill music requests, requests for names to be mentioned in the program etc., but this cannot be guaranteed. For example, it may be that a music request does not fit into the program.

Can I transfer tips during a livestream?

Yes, in that case your username and the amount will appear in the chat. Statistics of the most eager donors will also be displayed. If we only know your email address, we will ask you to complete your user profile before your first chat post. You can also donate anomymously.

How can concert providers and viewers connect on the website?

The concert providers' social media sites can be found at the concert site. Click on the concert providers picture at the concert overview, to see the profile. After buying a ticket you can exchange messages with the concert providers under the menu item "My tickets". During the livestream you can chat.

How can I motivate my friends to help me reach the minimum revenue?

On the event page you will find buttons for the popular social media to inform your friends on Facebook etc. about the upcoming livestream and ask them to contribute to the event.

What happens if I miss the concert livestream?

What personal data is processed on WebstageMusic?

We take data protection very seriously. We only process personal data that is necessary for authentication, payment processing and newsletter delivery. For more details, please see the Privacy policy.