Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between the operator of WebstageMusic and the concert provider?

Linkplicity GmbH (short "Linkplicity"), the operator of WebstageMusic, acts as an intermediary between you and the viewers of your stream. Linkplicity sends invoices for tickets and donations to the viewers via mail in your name and also takes care of cancellations. You will receive a copy of these mails. After the successful end of a livestream, Linkplicity will send you an online invoice for Linkplicity's share, you will receive the videos of the stream for download and you can transfer your share to your account.

What kind of concerts can I stream on WebstageMusic?

You can livestream concerts in front of an audience as well as only offer livestreams exclusively on the internet and without an audience.

What are the copyright and exploitation rights to the livestreams and my profile and concert data?

Linkplicity has a blanket livestreaming licence from the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers (AKM) reg Gen mbH and austro mechana with which concerts with and without an audience can be streamed. You must take care of any copyrights and other protective rights not included in the licence. If you play a concert in front of an audience you have to report it yourself, only the livestream is covered by the licence of Linkplicity. We are allowed to use your profile and the information about your concerts for promotional purposes.

How can I announce a concert livestream?

By clicking on the "Announce a stream" button on the top right. You will be asked to create a concert provider account if you do not have one yet. In the announcement you describe the event, specify the genre, date and time, define the ticket categories, determine the minimum income you need to hold the concert and specify the VAT rate for the event. If you are not liable to VAT then leave the default value "0", otherwise enter the VAT rate valid for the event. Currently this is 5% in Austria. A user guide for the website can be found at For musicians.

How much does it cost to announce a concert livestream?

Announcing a concert livestream is free. Linkplicity only keeps 25% in revenue from livestreams that take place.

How much does it cost to stream a concert?

Streaming a concert is free. However, you have to take care of setting up and operating the recording equipment and software yourself. The necessary information can be found at Stream Music. If you need on-site support email [email protected].

How can I test my streaming setup?

You yourself can see your stream from the moment the concert is approved and test your setup for maximum two hours. For viewers, it will be available only from the start of the concert. To allow another person to access your stream you can set up a technique detection.

What is my share of ticket sales?

75% of gross revenue (i.e. ticket sales revenue and gratuities plus VAT), Linkplicity retains only 25% of gross revenue from performed events to cover the costs of running the website, streaming and payment service, copyright fees and taxes. Your share of the proceeds will be available for transfer to your account in tranches immediately after the event.

Can I get tips during a livestream?

Yes, in that case the username of the donor and the amount will appear in the chat. Statistics of the most eager donors will also be displayed.

What ticket categories are available?

There are no limits to your imagination. You can define name, price and additional service per category. However, in order to finance the streaming and payment service, we have to set a minimum ticket price of 5 euros. For billing reasons, the maximum price is still limited to 400 euros. Don't forget to specify any limits for additional services, e.g. a maximum of three music requests or ten name mentions as a sponsor. You can give a certain number of free tickets.

Are there any restrictions on the content of a livestream?

We encourage artistic freedom, but for legal reasons we have to prohibit certain content. For more details, please see the Terms an conditions and Terms of use. Linkplicity has the right to immediately terminate livestreams that violate the Terms of use and not remit ticket prices. Linkplicity will verify compliance with the Terms of Use and Terms and conditions after an event is announced, and only then will it release tickets for sale.

What happens if I don't stream an event that has been announced and not cancelled?

Customers will be refunded and you will not receive any revenue. You may also be banned from the site if you do not provide a sufficient reason for the non-attendance. Postponing the concert to a future date can be done via our website however. Customers will, in that case, be notified via email about the new start date.

How can I postpone or cancel a concert?

You can find buttons for this on the administration page of the concert. Specify the reason for the cancellation or postponement. In case of postponement, ticket holders can cancel the purchase.

How can I promote my event?

On the event page, you'll find buttons for popular social media to let your fans know about the upcoming livestream on Facebook, etc.

What personal data is processed on WebstageMusic?

We take data protection very seriously. We only process personal data that is necessary for authentication, payment processing and delivery of the newsletter. For more details, please see the privacy policy.